I was at an Adidas store and saw this

You got Özil feeling himself

You got Bastian about to go murder someone

and Schürrle is gonna be in a 90’s rap video I think


those textbooks that rip out your soul and eat it while you watch because you think you only have 1 question to do for homework but no it’s like 1. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) o) p) q) r) s) t) u) v) w) x) y) z)

Anonymous asked:

I understand what you're saying about Lewis, but he also grew up with a passion for racing and had to fight to get to where he is throughout his entire childhood whereas Nico came from a wealthy family and was used to racing. Lewis fights every race (as does Nico, but Nico isn't always necessarily fair). For something to happen that prevents Lewis from being able to fight his best and that keeps Nico safe from a challenge is obviously upsetting.


okay, first thing: I don’t wanna insult any Hamilton-Fans, BUT: coming from an impecunious family doesn’t make you an asshole! Believe me! And no matter where you came from: if you want something really bad, you fight for it. That’s what Lewis does, that’s what Nico does. And it’s all okay, as long as it happens on the track! They both grew up with a passion for racing, and even if Nicos dad had alrady been famous, that doesn’t mean Nico got this all for nothing. He had to fight just as hard as the others. And please Anon, tell me all the times you think Nico wasn’t fair and I’m gonna double, tripple it with what Lewis did! I’m not saying the safetycar situation yesterday was fair! No, not at all. But even if there was a sc Lewis wouldn’t have won for sure. He wouldn’t even have been second for sure! He was close to Valtteri but couldn’t get him. And instead of just thinking “fuck this was unfair, not my day, I’m gonna be better next weekend” he goes to the media and talks about how everyone just supports nico and he, the poor little Lewis from unwealthy conditions, he has to make his way all alone. I’m really sorry, but that’s childish as hell!! Talking about his poor family (which can’t be that poor as they had the money to have their son drive karts!!) he should have learned decency! Therefor he should know, that blaming others for stupid situations doesn’t make his situation better! I mean, what does it give him saying Rosberg wouldn’t be a german, just because he raced under the finish flag when he was younger, under his dads flag! And now it’s his mothers flag. Why should it make a difference? He did a great, a fantastic job yesterday!! But all he talks about it that the stewards would favour Nico? Does he even listen to himself? Why can’t he be proud, as any other driver would be, starting from the fucking last row, finishing on the podium? That was great and everyone knows that, he knows that. But he never knows when he has to stop, never knows when he says something that will make people disrespect him, so actually he keeps losing support every race he talks shit like that. So in the end he’s digging his own grave. If he feels left alone, then talk to the ones who can change it. Talk to your team, the stewards whoever. But stop talking to the press cause it makes you sound like a stubborn baby!!

  • Tyra Banks: So why didnt you do the photoshoot?
  • Model: Well my leg was cut off and i had a swarm of angry bees attack me
  • Tyra Banks: Thats no excuse i remember one time when that happened to me and i still worked it and was fierce